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English Basic Words Part One

From the Ollie the Elephant — Learning Made Easy™ Series


Do you want your child to excel in school and have a strong educational foundation? Or do you want to teach or learn proper English, as a second language?

Then the Ollie the Elephant — Learning Made Easy™ series is the right choice.

This series covers the foundation of the English language in a way that no other existing educational materials do.

Most language programs teach a language in the wrong sequence, trying to perfect grammar before a person knows the basics of the language. This is what makes learning proper English “difficult” both for native English speaking children, learning to read and write, and especially for those learning English as a second language.

Before you try to learn or teach grammar you must begin with a basic foundation in a language. The Ollie the Elephant — Learning Made Easy™ provides that basic foundation in the simplest possible manner, for both young and old.

The secret to speaking English well is knowing the foundation of the English language. This foundation consists of roughly fifty small key words that make up 30 to 50 percent of every English sentence. Not knowing how to use these properly makes it almost impossible to learn English and become literate in the English language.

By getting a child, teenager or adult through the Ollie the Elephant — Learning Made Easy™ you are laying the foundation of the English language.

Who is Ollie the Elephant for?

  1. Children ages six and up who are learning to read.
  2. English-as-a-Second-Language students, who will find that this series rapidly increases their ability to speak, read, and understand English.
  3. Adults who wish to improve their written or spoken English for employment reasons.
  4. Native English speakers with reading difficulties or dyslexia.

Each of the Ollie the Elephant — Learning Made Easy™ English books teaches a child or English student one single definition of one key common word used in English, using twenty illustrated sentences per definition. Having a full understanding of each of these definitions is crucial to future fluency and literacy in English.

Despite the simplicity of these materials, many university students who have previously studied English have been shocked to discover that the trouble in their spoken and written English lay in a missing foundation of the English language, which is not covered in school textbooks.

The information learned in the Ollie the Elephant — Learning Made Easy™ consists of advanced English. The secret is that we have made it so simple that even a six-year-old can learn English easily.